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Peter Tranter

Veronica, Thank you for this, I followed the address that you gave me and I couldn't see any files that gave access to downloaded content library.

I have pasted below directions from Articulate on how to access downloaded content library but I cant find this address any where on my local drive

Where are Content Library assets stored on my computer?

When you use Content Library assets in your e-learning courses, they're downloaded and stored in this location on your local computer: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Articulate






Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Peter,

That is where they should be stored, but you won't be able to use them outside Storyline or Studio 360. If you're trying to insert an item again into a project, you should see it when you search through Content Library and it would already have downloaded so that much faster to insert it into your course. 

I saw you also opened a Support case on this - have you run into a problem with Content Library assets?

Peter Tranter

Ashley, no content library works fine, I wanted to be able to place the
same video that I have inserted into my Storyline project into a
complimentary Power point Project. I cant copy and paste it as it docent
come across as a video. So I though if I could access it in the download
area I could then insert it into power point from that location.

Does this make sense