Which file is the .story file once zipped

My organization is trying to locate the source files from some projects used in earlier versions of Storyline.  We cannot locate the .story files but we are checking with the LMS to see if they can send us a copy of the .zip file.  Should we receive these files, which file should I look for in the zipped package to open inside of Storyline? 

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Daniel Servan


Once the .zip file is extracted, you will see the .story file if available.
Also, try to double-click the .zip file and see if you can find any .story file on the popup window.
If you can't find the .story file, then it is not included when the published files were zipped.

Note: The published files can be zipped manually outside Storyline. If the .zip file is created within Storyline, then sure thing there is no .story is included.