Which format is best for audio?

Mar 08, 2013

Is MP3 the best format for audio in Storyline? I have been sent .wav files and they do not seem to be importing.

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Marti Stemm

I use mp3 files and convert everything from other file types using a free program "Audacity".  It is also the program that I use for recording new files. 

I find that the mp3 files are smaller and help because I need to upload to the internet. Makes the course smaller in total size. 

If you do not have Audacity, you can get is free but you must also download the "extra" LAME file  item that converts into mp3. 

If you prefer it will do wav files without any other download.  You can open the program, and drag your file onto the screen, and then export to wave, (or mp3 if you have used the "Lame" extra download). 

Audacity is probably the best free program I have ever used. 

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