While recording screen in storyline 2 i am hearing click sound continuously but i didn't touch the mouse at all.

Aug 04, 2016

Hi All,


I am trying to capture my laptop screen with audio using storyline's video capture options (its not a demo its a video capture). However, after capturing the screen, when i run the screens in storyline 2 both published and preview version i am hearing a mouse click sound continuously in the background. After i clicked the start recording button i didn't touch the mouse at all. Moreover, i muted my mic. 

What i am trying to capture?

I am trying to capture a course that is uploaded in our LMS. This course is developed in studio 9. In my company we are currently converting all the studio files in to storyline 2. We don't have the source file for the course. I closed all the browser tab except the course, so there is no way the click sound is recorded from other tabs.


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Srinivasan!  It sounds like you are inserting that screen recording as a single video on one slide.  If they're actually step-by-step slides, you can disable those mouse clicks.  

Otherwise, those unwanted mouse clicks sound a little glitchy to me.  When you are viewing the course on the LMS, what browser are you using?  Google Chrome doesn't communicate very well to Windows (which is relied upon for our Screen Recording function).  This article describes an issue that isn't the same as yours, but it expands on that weakness of Google Chrome.  We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer for screen recording.

Lastly, can you try exporting your screen recording from Storyline and then previewing the mp4 video to see if the clicks persist.

If none of this really solves your problem, you are welcome to share your project file with us for a little testing either by adding it as an attachment or submitting to us privately.

Srinivas T

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the quick response. I captured the screen recording using IE, its working ok now. Its not 100% clear, i am still hearing mouse clicks but compared to chrome recording this is way better actually i can use this recording because the mouse click sound is mild. However, while previewing the same in storyline 2, i am hearing lot of mouse click sound (exactly like chrome recording).


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