White space on the left and right when previewing

Hi there, I have resized my project recently. It is a bit wider now, but I kept the height - currently it is 960 x 540.

Since I have done that, I notice that sometimes when previewing (only certain) slides I would see two white spaces on the left and on right. Have a look at the attachments please. One image is of the slide being previewed and the other one is of the slide not being previewed.

Is that a known issue?

Thank you in advance


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Bobby Jourdan

Hi Christie.

I am attaching one small piece of the project. 

There are two slides.

The first slide - Example of a Natural Disaster with Environmental Impacts - has the issue. There are two white spaces on the right and on the left when you are previewing it.

The second slide - Environmental impacts of the Syria crisis - is ok. No white spaces on the sides.

If you preview the whole scene - there are no white spaces on the sides - its ok.

Please note that there is no Next button on the first slide. If you add a Next button on the first slide leading to the second slide, then the issue is not there ...


Thank you once again


Bobby Jourdan

Hi there Wendy, thank you for helping. 

Well, the slides are light-boxes so I don't need them to have Next buttons. 

Have a look at the video I am attaching. Still the same behaviour. 

When the project is published all is ok, but imagine if I apply zoom regions for instance and try to preview the slide. It is all messed up ...

Thank you once again


Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for your patience while I took a look at your file, Bobby. When I chose Preview This Slide, I saw the white spaces on either side, however when I chose Preview Entire Scene, I did not find the behavior. 

And, to rule out whether or not the issue was with that slide itself, I copied all of the elements from the slide in question onto a new slide, and when Previewing either way, I did not encounter the white spaces on the affected slide any longer.

Please see the attached .story file and let me know if issues persist! 

Bobby Jourdan

Hey there Christie

Thank you so much for taking time with that issue.

I have a big project and sometimes I see the white spaces on the sides.

I just need to monitor it and see what may be the issue. I believe it has to do with the fact that I have re-sized the project (made it a bit wider).

Thank you once again