Why are navigation buttons still appearing?

I removed the Next and Prev buttons from every slide as I am using my own custom navigation buttons.   I have a question slide that is not being pulled to a results slide that looks fine the first time it is visited, but if the learner returns to it later, the player navigation buttons appear again. Is there a way to keep these from appearing?

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Andrew Knowles

Try changing the "when revisiting" state to "resumed saved state" also make sure no other slides have the default navigation turned on (even if they dont get shown anywhere), you can tell if other slides have the default nav on by the location of your custom nav bar - if its off the bottom of the player (as is in your screenshot) then some slide somewhere has the nav on. Its a bit trial and error but you can get rid of the default nav (even when revisiting)

Meg Johnston

Thanks to both of you, Phil and Andrew.

I did try changing the revisiting state to each of the options, but with no success.  I went ahead and rebuilt it as a plain content slide and I am forewarned now about this issue!

Andrew - I will be more diligent too in checking for the default nav. Thanks!