Why doesn't the scrolling panel in the editor match the panel in the output?

Oct 13, 2020

I use scrolling panels often in simulations, and add a moving callout to prompt the user to scroll downward to view content. In the editor it's a large, chunky light gray bar, but in the previewed/published content it's dark gray and half the width. Inevitably I have to preview a few times to get the indicator in the appropriate area near the edge. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Thomas!

Thanks for taking the time to write in!

You're right — the scrolling panel style while editing looks different than the one seen during preview and the published output. Check out this video demo to see the views.

This was a design choice to provide course authors a better visual indication when working on a scroll bar, but I'll surface your experience with my team. If we make changes in this area, I'll keep you in the loop!

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