Why is the launch button still showing once upgraded to non-Flash SCORM?

Hi Everyone,


I have been issues trying to figure this one out and dont know how to fix it. So we had an older Articulate course that was packaged as Flash with HTML5 fallback.  We want to upgrade to HTML5 so I checked the Articulate file assuming the video on one of the slides was probably Flash but it is an Mp4 output. So I re-published to HTML5. But when it is reloaded in our LMS it still seems to show this launch button at the beginning which usually happens with alot of our old courses with Flash. Does anyone know how I can get rid of that launch button? Does it mean there is still some Flash components in the source file?  Is there a quick way to check that? Not sure why this would happen if it has now been updated to an HTML5 output. Can anyone help? Attached screenshot for reference. 

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David Schwartz

Hi Christine,

This is a browser security feature, and is caused in all likelihood because the first screen in your module has media that is trying to play before there is a user interaction. It has nothing to do with Flash. The way around it would be to add a title screen as the first screen, with no audio or video, and have the user click Next or a button to advance.



Christine K

Hi David,


Thank you. I have attached the first few slides of the course. I do have media on the second slide but had to remove for this share. The media file included in the full course is an MP4 file which was developed in Vyond. 


Any help appreciated.

David Schwartz

Yes, I see the issue. The module has audio on that first slide that plays automatically. That causes the browser security issue.

I tried it a different way, triggering the audio with the Start button, and then advancing the slide when the audio ends. This should end the problem.

In the alternative, you could just have a simple intro screen with no media, and the Start button would jump to the next screen where audio could launch automatically.


Christine K

Hi David thanks for looking into this for me. I tried what was suggested and it did not work for me. But I have managed to resolve the issue now. I imported the entire course to a new file and template and all seems to work as expected now. It is a really outdated course which was probably developed back in Storyline 1 or 2 so maybe it was something to do with that. Thanks again for your help.