Will the SDK Allow Me to Modify the App UI or only the Player?

Jan 02, 2014

Hi Heroes,

I'm trying to figure out the most effective way to utilize Storyline not only for production but also as an effective storyboarding tool.  Currently, I'm using a Word doc template but the redundancy of work is staggering when first developing the storyboard in one app, then converting it into another.  It would be helpful if, in addition to the 'Timeline', 'States' and 'Notes' tabs (see picture) that are hard-coded into the interface, I could add my own Tabs, such as 'Programming Notes', 'Narration', 'Branching' and 'Assets'.  Sure, I could just clump all those into the 'Notes' section but it wouldn't be as effective or organized when working with my SME''s.  Any advice?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Curt,

To answer your question in the subject line, the SDK only allows you to modify the player. But the additional elements you mentioned may be something you'd want to share in the form of a feature request. 

There is some great discussion in this post about how different community member storyboard and whether or not to do it right in Storyline.  Additionally, there is this blog post from a community member about why and how they Storyboard, and a post from Nicole on our Community team about her workflow process and how she storyboards. 

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