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Sep 27, 2018

One of our developers recently went from Widows 7 to Windows 10.  After the upgrade, he could no longer publish Korean courses.  He is having another person do that on their Windows 7 machine as that person hasn't gone to Windows 10 yet.  We have also upgraded to Storyline 3, however we are in the testing phase.  I asked him to try publishing with Storyline 3.  It didn't hang like it did on Storyline 2, but we do get a message about missing fonts.  Apparently Batang Western font and Gulim Western font were included with Windows 7, but not with Windows 10.  See article below.  It looks like we will have to purchase the two fonts.  Please advise if there is somewhere that the fonts can be downloaded or do we need to let our IT department know about this issue and contact Microsoft?


Missing Font Missage


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Scott Kilbourne

The Developer had to do some checking with the Vendor that does the translation using Storyline 2. 

Here is what they said:

*We are using Windows 7 Professional and Storyline 2
*As part of our quality assurance process, the Korean fonts are changed to the default Articulate font  in Storyline.
*We have multiple Korean fonts stored on our PCs that we use for desktop publishing (formatting) jobs. The primary fonts we use for Korean are Gulim and Batang.  However, as mentioned in my response to your 2nd questions, we change these Korean fonts to “Articulate” in Storyline. 


If the Korean fonts are changed to "Articulate", then why are we receiving the message about the missing fonts?  Storyline must be accessing the those fonts in some way. 

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