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Apr 29, 2013

Is there a list anywhere that shows the fonts that are included with Storyline? The reason I ask is because we have five Storyline licenses at our company, but we don't all have the same fonts. Two of us have fonts that the other 3 don't have (e.g., fontfever, braddon, clarence). None of us have installed any of the fonts and we are all using the most updated version of Storyline. I saw a thread in the forum about the Windows update KB2753842 that was causing some font problems. None of us have that update on our computers. 

It's causing problems because when one person works on a course and uses one of the fonts that the others don't have, they open it and see symbols in place of the font. If that second person working on the courses publishes it to the LMS, the customer sees the symbols instead of the font originally chosen. 

Any ideas about why some of us have fonts that others don't? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jill,

If users are seeing symbols, instead of fonts, that makes me wonder how they're viewing the courses. Are you publishing to HTML5, by any chance? 

For the installed fonts, it sounds like Storyline is pulling in some custom fonts that were installed, or perhaps some custom fonts that were used in a previous course. Not sure how that's happening if the font hasn't been installed on a machine - they're pulled in from fonts installed on the operating system. 

It could also depend on what operating system you're using, if other fonts have been installed for different projects (Office, etc.). 

One thing that may help is to communicate the fonts you'd like to use with your colleagues. If you happen to see one you'd like to use in the project, but it's not available to someone else, they should be able to search for it, download and install it.

However, keep in mind that if you are publishing for HTML5 with a custom font, users may not see that font if it's not installed on their system. If you're truly wanting to use that font and display it to users, you could try creating an image out of that text instead.

I hope this helps!


Jill Blaser

Hey, Christine!

The users are seeing the symbols because if one of the 3 designers opens the Storyline file, it converts all of the fonts that aren't on their computers to the symbols. Unless the person working on the course goes through every page of a course (which in some cases can take a long time), they don't even realize the font has changed to the symbols. When that person is done with whatever they had to update in the course and then republishes it to the LMS, they unknowingly publish the course with crazy sympbols.

If one of the designers who has the font works on the course and republishes it, there isn't a problem.

So far we've found Clarence, Fontfever and Braddon as the fonts that this has happened with. It's strange because neither of the two users that have these fonts in their Storyline courses have downloaded them to their computers.

Do you know if those fonts come with Storyline? Is it possible that two people have different fonts in Storyline if they are running the same version?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jill! :)

Clarence, Fontfever and Braddon are not included, as far as I know. When you install on a new machine (that's had no custom fonts installed), you should see the Articulate Fonts and the fonts that come with the operating system. 

For example, if you do a Google search on "Fontfever" there's a ton of download sites for this font. Looks like it's an OTF (Open Type Font) as well. So, if one of your course developers uses and prefers this font, it may be helpful to have the others install it.

Also, since that font is an OTF, it may be that either they aren't running Update 2, or they have the Microsoft Update installed that's been known to cause some issues with OTF type fonts. 

Here's some resources: 

Update 2 Release Notes/Fixes

Download Update 2

OpenType (OTF) fonts are incorrect when previewing or publishing (SL1)

For your last question; no. I do not believe those particular fonts come with Storyline. I can't find them on any machine (I may have one too many) with a Storyline installation. Yes, it's possible that you'll see other fonts, because any font installed on that system should show up as an option - if it's supported. That, and varying operating systems may have varying fonts installed initially. 


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