Windows display setting can adversely affect published text layout in Storyline 2

I discovered this problem because I was noticing that when I publish a story file created by my colleague sometimes the published text doesn't have the same layout compared to when my colleague publishes the same story file. The problem was only noticeable with text that had special paragraph formatting applied to it. For example, if you select text in a text block and right click you can change various paragraph properties such as create a hanging indent or change the line height (spacing between lines of text) and so on.

I have discovered that a setting in Windows 7 has an impact on this. There is a display setting where you can change the size of displayed text and other items if you have a high resolution screen like I do (1920x1080). In my case my choices are 100%, 125% (default), and 150%. It turns out that my colleague’s display setting is 100% and mine is 125%. So when I publish content created by my colleague that has special paragraph formatting applied, the text does not layout as intended -- it might be off-screen or simply out of alignment, but in general just doesn't look right.

The work-around to fix this problem is for me to change my display setting to 100% temporarily before publishing content and then change it back when I’m done. The only drawback is I have to close all programs and log out and log back into Windows every time I change this setting.

I have submitted a tech support ticket in the hopes this issue might be addressed in a future update, but for now at least there is a work-around to address the problem. I hope this helps someone else out there.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jothan!

I see where you reached out to our support team (00917023) and that Victor is assisting you.

This is a requirement that we are aware of and advise our users to utilize the 100% setting, which is 96 DPI.

For others following along:

Articulate Storyline requires Microsoft Windows to be configured with 96 DPI (dots per inch). If Windows is using a different DPI setting, you may experience erratic behavior, such as:

*  Elements of the application are misplaced or distorted.
*  Objects are misplaced or distorted when previewed or published.
*  Zoomed images don't work as expected.
*  Font sizes are incorrect after using the translation features.