Windows mobile or tab content issues

Hello Team,

I am publishing course in Storyline1, and it is displaying fine in both android and ios (mobiles & ipads) devices. If I open it in windows mobile or tabs, content inside the player is not displaying, it shows blank. Please check the screen shots for your reference. This issue is raised by one of our client. Please reply for this. Its very urgency.


Chandrasekhar M.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chandra, 

As I understand it, the Windows Mobile phone uses IE Mobile 11 as it's browser, which although based on the desktop version of IE 11, is not one of the supported browsers mentioned in the article above. I'm not sure which browser you were using on your phone, but you may want to try the standard IE mobile browser to see how it behaves in that and use that going forward but there is no support for Flash on the Windows Phone, and IE is not one of our supported browsers for HTML5.