Wish List Item: Color-Coding

While I know I have quite a few items on my imaginary wish list for Storyline 360 updates, there is one that I feel like would make a world of difference; color-coding.

Similar to After Effects color-coding system, just being able to right-click an object on a timeline and assign a color to it that would display just on the timeline could be revolutionary. 

Imagine color-coding...

  • Different audio files, to separate certain SFX or multiple voice-overs.
  • Different elements, to differentiate between background/foreground objects.
  • Different elements on longer slides, to divide the timeline into segments.
  • Different elements, to separate global/static elements (ie: headers, CTA's) that shouldn't be moved, deleted or edited from other variable elements.

I know it's much easier said than done, but it would be a huge quality-of-life update that I feel would send productivity and organization into hyperdrive.

I see two options: Color-code just the labels, or color-code the entire element on the timeline. Here's a concept:

Color-coding just the labels:

Color Code Example 2

Color-coding the entire element:

Color Code Example 1


I think this would be a stellar "feature for the future," and just wanted to throw it out there. Do you think it's a neat idea? Would you use it? Do you have ideas about this? 

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Judy Nollet

I would use color-coding. Well, as long as the program allowed me to set the colors for each item (as per your suggestion). Otherwise, using someone else's forced color-coding be terrible. 

FYI: when renaming objects, I often start the names of similar objects with something that indicates what it is. For example, names for buttons (even when they're technically shapes with triggers) start with "b," such as "b-step1," "b-step2," etc. That makes them easy to spot in the timeline, and it groups them in alphabetical lists, such as when selecting items in the Trigger Wizard. (Good naming conventions also make it easier to troubleshoot.) 

Spencer Wolf

I kind of do that as well! Though I use things like "BG_" for background, "BTN_" for buttons/trigger elements, "IMG_" for stock photos, and then for global items, I'll just put an underscore in front so it really stands out (ie: "_Header"), and it automatically gets moved to the top of the list.