Word Cloud

Oct 16, 2014

Ok, so I may be being overly ambitious here, but is there anyway to incorporate a word-cloud creation tool into articulate storyline so learners can create a cloud of their top words without having to go to an external website? Or is there a way of manually setting up something similar?


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Daniel Klinger

Ok - I guess there is always time to do your first contribution to the community.

Today more than ever before? There are online services that allow you to poll an audience and see the results in a word cloud in PPT presentations. This may be taking this whole concept one step further....but what if you could do that from within Storyline? Collect on one slide? And show the results from everyone in another?

Well....I came up with the attached story file. Where I cant keep the poll open for ever? I think you can get the picture even if it goes over the max contributions.

For those that want to see it in action before taking a look at the story file? Try this url out.


There are also other great systems that poll nicely that you can put into a web object and leverage.

Hope this helps out other folk.