Word Search - how to avoid non relevant clicking

Dec 16, 2020


I'm building a game based on a wonderful word search template Anna shared here, but it's a little different.
Instead of a bank of hidden words, I've created definitions, one in each layer, that once the player recognizes the missing word, and clicks on the first and last letter of the missing word, the word lights up in the crossword puzzle, and also in the definition text. So far so good.
How can I limit the players to click on the specific word ONLY when the relevant layer with the relevant question is open? I want to avoid the option for them to guess the words.
Any ideas will be appreciated:).


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Joanne Chen

Yes, if there were a reset function in one trigger. However, I don't think there is a reset function currently. It will work with conditions solution. You will only need to do the hard work one time by adding all the conditions. And then just copy that trigger and modify it for other answers. 

Joanne Chen
  1. You can create the very first trigger to adjust the variable by using your original trigger, eg SOPA1, with adding the conditions of all the 117 objects(A1-M9) are not selected.
  2. Duplicate the above trigger for the rest variables (SOPA2 - SOPA8) and adjust the "WHEN" settings as what you did for them.
  3. Modify each trigger to the specific one by deleting the two conditions(A1, J1) that should be selected, eg SOPA1, the conditions will be 115 objects (A2-M9, except A1, J1) are all not selected.