Workaround for copyable flash text box

Hi - I created a tool in Storyline (a number of years ago) that included flash scrollable text boxes.  I built them because the tool was to be used as a repository of in-place development ideas -where learners could scroll through suggestions and copy/ paste from the tool directly into their development plans.  

Now that flash is phasing out, I need a work around that gives the client similar functionality.  I thought about converting it from SL360 to RISE (since text in that environment is copyable).  Not sure how practical that would be though, since there could be lots of text for one topic.

Can anybody help a girl out?  

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Matthew Bibby

Here are a few ideas:

1. Zsolt has a solution in POP(99); See here for details.

2. You could use text entry fields and prepopulate the associated variable with the text you want. The learner will be able to select and copy the text, as well as make changes to it before doing so (in case they want to expand on a suggestion or change the wording or whatever).

3. You could try dropping this code (from this thread) into an Execute JavaScript trigger that runs when the timeline starts. I haven't tested this, so don't know if it works, but it's worth a try!

document.querySelectorAll('text').forEach(node => { = 'all'; = 'all'

4. Or maybe you could use the alert method (from this thread):

var player = GetPlayer();
var text= player.GetVar("copytext");
window.prompt("Copy to clipboard: Ctrl+C, Enter", text);

You just need to change the variable name in the second line to match your variable. Here is a demo of this solution.

Hope that helps!

Stephanie McClellan

thanks Mathew - I've tried a few of these options, but seems like they are better used for small amounts of text.  I have about 50 layers of full page scrolling text that learners can highlight, copy & paste any parts (I've attached one of the layer screenshots).

Any thoughts?