Using Storyline without flash - flash has been removed from our systems

May 13, 2016


Our systems have had flash removed as a security precautions.  It's not coming back, and this is the case for many other places similar to where I work.  Does anyone have any insight on how to continue using Storyline as a development tool?  We were thinking that Storyline was the perfect platform because it outputs to HTML 5.  We didn't realize that we needed flash as part of the development environment.    Alternatives?  Flash-free Storyline in the future?   Unfortunately, for now we may have to deprecate to PowerPoint "e-learning".

Thanks in advance.


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Nicholas Martin

In reference to the above question, I am not able to leverage the full functionality of the software without Flash. For example, I cannot access the "Player" function under the "Home" Tab. This is critical to our course development, as it controls what features the students/users will be able to use/access when published. Thoughts?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard and all - 

Storyline does need to have Flash installed on the system to be able to access per the the system requirements here. As for the "future of a Flash free world" it's something we're heard often in the community and our team is continually investigating avenues to ensure our products are available for all different types of individuals on different systems.  

Julia Koller

Hi Ashley, I came across this thread while wondering about the future of Storyline and the "Flash Free World". Is there an Articulate blog or a newsfeed I can follow from Storyline, to keep up-to-date on this specific issue? My team is currently at a crossroads where Storyline is our best development tool, but current demand for pure HTML5 is pushing us towards different tools and vendors. Our team loves working with Articulate support and the community here. Any information we can mull over while choosing paths is helpful. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julia,

Once we do have additional information to share we'll likely include an update here in the forums but you could also look at following along with the Word of Mouth Blog from Articulate and The Rapid E-Learning Blog by Tom Kuhlmann. 

Similarly following Articulate on Facebook or Twitter are good places where we share updated information. 

Gregory Sprinkle

Thanks for the quick response.  Two follow up questions if possible:

1 - If Flash has been disabled by the company I work for, what issues will that cause from an authoring perspective?

2 - Are there any plans to mitigate this issue in a future update between now and February 2018, that is when our company is disabling Flash altogether.

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