Storyline 3 problems publishing to Internet Explorer 11

Apr 10, 2018


We have updated to Storyline 3, and love the new features. However, as the publishing options are only html5, flash or a mixture of the 2, we are having problems with the content loading on IE11 (the web browser we have to use company-wide).

If we publish to html5 with flash backup, then we experience problems with the course content as not all our systems support flash. If we export only html5, then the normal links that would load the course will not play at all in IE11 and just load a blank screen.

We have tested them in Firefox and they work correctly, so it seems the fault is how it is loading in IE 11... we've updated our Storyline to the latest version and it does not seem to have fixed the problem.

Can anyone help? Are there plans for an option to allow SL3 to export to html only (not html5) as well as the other options? We never had any problems with our content coming from SL2 so this is a disappointing development for us!



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lindsay.  I'm happy to help you with your IE11 troubles. 

With Storyline 3, both Flash and HTML5 outputs are supported for IE11.  When you publish for HTML5 and include Flash as a backup, your content will always default to HTML5 unless you're viewing it on an older version of IE (8 or 9).

Storyline has historically published your courses with a Flash version and an HTML5 version.  HTML5 is the latest iteration of the language used to organize internet content.  It is the most recent "version" of HTML.

  • Where are you hosting your content (web, LMS, somewhere else)?
  • What file are you using as the launch file to link learners to your course?  You'll want to use the story.html file, and the course output will determine which version to play based on the browser and device being used to launch the course.
  • Can you share your .story file for me to test?  

Let me know what you think!

Lindsey Hillman

Hi Crystal,

I cannot share the exact file, but have created a test file which I've attached.

We publish using the LMS settings in SL3 and our exported output gets uploaded to an external website which our LMS links to.

I've uploaded two versions, one with only HTML5 output here:

and one with HTML5 and flash backup:

The flash back up one does open for me when I click on the story.html file (located from the first link), but as you can see above, the link it is using to locate this is actually the flash file. Our systems do not support flash so we cannot use this as a link.







Crystal Horn

Hi Lindsey.  Thanks for the info!  Your links weren't working for me, though.  😞


I'm not sure if I don't have proper permissions to view that content.

When you say that you upload content to an external site, are you publishing for Tin Can API and using the workflow here?  I want to be sure our team properly tests your scenario!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsey,

Did you already look into the issue here with how IE11 can playback in an LMS?  It could be how the LMS is viewing and playing back that content.

If your system doesn't support Flash, it seems odd that publishing with HTML5 only that you mentioned: "normal links that would load the course will not play at all in IE11 and just load a blank screen." That piece sounds like you may not actually be viewing in  IE11 if the LMS is forcing it to display in compatibility mode.

An easy way to test this is to take your same LMS published content and upload to a site like SCORM Cloud. It's a standard for testing and will help you narrow down what works in each browser and if it's the Storyline course, your LMS, or the browser itself. 

Lindsey Hillman

Hi Ashley,

I've created an account in SCORM Cloud and uploaded the content - both give me an error message about pop-ups being blocked, but once I allow them to work, both outputs open.

HTML5 Flash backup: 


I'm not very technical, so I am now unsure what to do - the link you posted above about playback is for 360 and we are using SL3 - do the same steps apply?




Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lindsey,

Good to know your content plays correctly in IE11 when it's hosted on SCORM Cloud. As a next step, I would reach out to your LMS support team to share the difference in behavior in your LMS versus the behavior in SCORM Cloud. They'll best know how to troubleshoot LMS-specific issues.

By the way, what LMS are you using? Hopefully other folks who use the same LMS can chime in and share their experience here.

Lindsey Hillman

Hi Alyssa,

We use Oracle as an LMS, but the content is not reaching this stage to be a problem, it's the place we upload the content to that seems to be having a problem (we link to here from Oracle).

I am not technologically minded enough to understand why content was working from SL2 but isn't in SL3 when using this website. Is there anything else you can suggest?

If there is nothing further then I will raise it with our IT department.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lindsey,

I also couldn't access that link in Chrome either - so I'm not sure if something is off in that link? 

As for IE11, I know a few folks have run into issues where IE11 was being forced into compatibility mode by their server/LMS, so that would be a question to ask your IT dept. or LMS admin to look into. 

Also, did you publish SL3 with Flash first or HTML5 first? That could also account for a change in what you're seeing from SL2 to SL3. Depending on that choice and the browser settings it could be caught up in trying to show the correct output. 

Michelle Kotuslki

We are also have this same issue. We are publishing HTML5 first with Flash fall back (our standard) and we have major problems with the text displaying properly in IE11. All other browsers it works fine, but IE is our company standard. Please let us know when a patch or update is created.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregory,

Compatibility mode often forces IE11 to act as an earlier version such as IE7 or 8. Both of those would lack the HTML5 support for Storyline, so if you need to use Compatibility mode, I'd look at publishing for Flash first/only so that it won't try to load the HTML5 output first and get stuck.

As far as changes in Storyline, you can always see all the updates and fixes implemented here in our version history. 

Adam Wells

Thank you to all contributors on this page.

My company has also been having many issues with SL3 and IE11. We are up to date with the version of SL3, but are still somewhat confused which setting we should publish to for IE11. We have the latest version of Flash. Can anybody help with which publish option we should use in SL3?

Thank you to the community


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Adam.  Storyline 3 allows you to publish your courses so that the HTML5 output will play by default unless you're using a very old version of Internet Explorer.  Because support for Flash Player will be eliminated by 2020, it would be wise to publish your courses for HTML5 only, or HTML5 with Flash backup.

Are you hosting your course in a learning management system or directly on the web?  Let me know what trouble you're having, and we'll work toward a solution!

Adam Wells

Hi Crystal, thank you for your reply.

I published our course using HTML5 with Flash backup, which will be hosted on a LMS. It does appear to be now working without random video and sound failures. The review of the course by various parties caused some confusion due to the fact that one of the machines had IE11 set in compatibility mode, this threw up some random errors, but all seems good now.

I have one further question please. Some of our students are learning from remote locations and the internet connection is very slow with a narrow bandwidth. Because of this and the size of our eLearning training, which uses videos and sound we intend to give it to them via USB memory stick and record their training manually. What would be the best way to publish this? I would have thought CD, though non of our machines now use these.

Again thanks for your help.

Kindest Regards, Adam

Bailey Knapton


I am also having trouble with IE and my SL 360 package. When testing is SCORMcloud with an HTML5 only output, some of the slides don't show all the text that's supposed to be there. The font I'm using is Arial so that doesn't seem like it would be an issue.

Any ideas on what to do?