Working with a large pixel dimension slide

Hi. This is probably a fairly obscure question, but here goes...

I'm looking at an updated Storyline_2 project in Storyline_3. The project used a large sized slide (2047 x 2047 pixels) in a smaller-than-the-slide window, and used javascript to scroll around the slide as the user interacts. This all still works. What I'm a little stuck with is what happens when Storyline first opens this large slide (in a smaller window). There are two problems:

1. the Storyline_3 'play' button for the user to begin is always in the centre of the window, even if this is not visible. Is there any way to change where the Storyline begin/play button goes - for example, to make it appear top left?

2. also Storyline_3 seems to insist on opening the slide vertically centred within its window - i.e. scrolled down a bit. I've tried javascript at the start of the timeline to scroll it back to top left, but it doesn't seem to want to do this. Any thoughts? 

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