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Katie Riggio

How fun, Rebecca! Welcome to eLearning (Heroes). 😀

Looks like Alyssa and Ren shared some helpful resources around LMSs. You asked some great questions on where to find help whenever you need a quick reference: 

  • Tom and David's Articulate Roadshow in Brisbane will be in early 2020. Click here to learn more and see the agenda!
  • If you're using Articulate 360, live training webinars are included with your subscription. Click here to browse the schedule!
  • Our video tutorials and user guides live here!

Happy learning, and let us know if we can lend a hand along the way!

Leslie McKerchie

No worries, Rebecca.

The information that Katie shared above is for Articulate 360 Training, which is a live webinar hosted by members of our community and success teams.

If you are looking at the next step and perhaps getting someone to look over your course, you may be thinking of Review 360.

I see that you last replied from your phone, but be sure to click 'View' vs. 'Reply' when you get the e-mail notification so you can pop in and take a look at the hyperlinks we are sharing with you :)

R Colwell

Hi Leslie

Thank you for response. Who actually does the reviewing of courses in review 360? - it’s a great idea especially for someone like myself just starting out.
Can you explain what live is?

I’d like to run courses online but don’t quite know how to go about setting it up:/

It’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rebecca,

Review 360 is a tool that will allow for collaboration with anyone on your team or anyone you’d like to view your course. The “Share” link can be sent to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) or used as a web-preview function for yourself. This tutorial should answer any other questions you may have!

"Live" is the Articulate 360 training I mentioned above. Here is a link for more information and to sign up!

If you'd like for courses to run online, you will need a webserver to host the content. We have some instructions here for publishing to a web environment.