Would love to hear ideas about how to get a screen capture from the learner

So, this is a weird question. Stick with me.

Every year, we do a holiday-themed training game. This year, we are going with an ugly sweater theme. Essentially, get a question right, pick out a decoration for your sweater. 

Here is where it gets interesting. I would love to be able to allow for learners to screen capture their final sweater and share it with a hashtag on our Facebook page. Is there a way to do this beyond just instructing them to hit "Print Screen"? Anything we can trigger in Storyline?

I know this is an odd and random question. Just wanted to pick your wonderful ID brains.

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Phil Mayor

I tried earlier in the year and ran out of time. I managed to capture the screen asa base64 image but found that storyline variables are limited to 33K characters so I could not save the image in storyline. You could save it to the users PC and get them to upload it, but Facebook requires use of its API and a token to be able to post so again more complexity is added in.

I am spending a lot of time agreeing with Brian today but it is a cost you probably don't want.