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Jun 27, 2013

I have an Agenda slide with 7 buttons on it. Each button has 2 triggers associated to it, the first trigger Jumps to a section within the course and the second trigger changes the state of the button to visited when a variable changes to True (this variable changes on returning to the Agenda after the user visits the last slide within that particular section of the course)

Of the 7 buttons 4 of them do as I would expect, that is when pressed they immediately jump to the relevant section of the course and when that section completes the button greys out.

The other 3 buttons when pressed first grey out and then jump to the section.

I've checked that all the triggers are set up the same and that the variable is still set at false when the button is pressed so it shouldn't change.

Any help on figuring this out would be much appreciated



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Antony Snow

Hi Phil,

Without seeing the slide in question, it is a little hard to say why you are seeing this behaviour but one thing that jumps out at me is that the triggers for the 3 buttons that don't work as expected could be in a different order in the trigger pane - i.e. the trigger to change the state is above the trigger to jump to the section so this action is being executed first?


Phil Whitehead

Hi Antony

I've attached a couple of screen shots don't know if that will help at all. The first shows the complete Storyline desktop and Triggers the second show the State of the button this should have changed on returning to the slide and not when the button is selected

The Slide triggers are all on top with the Object triggers all at the bottom

Thanks for the help


Antony Snow

Hi Phil,

Sorry, it is still a little hard to tell what is happening from the 2 screen shots you have provided.

You say that each agenda item is a button, but are they really buttons or are they shapes acting as buttons? I would take one of the 'buttons' that isn't working as expected, replace it with a proper button and update the in-built states of visited and selected to how you want them to appear - by doing so, you will eliminate the need to have a trigger to change the button to these states.

If this doesn't help and you are able to upload the .story file (or a version of it without any real info on it) I and any other members would be happy to take a closer look.


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