xAPI double reports

Feb 03, 2022

I first learned of this issue on a blog shortly after xAPI triggers were introduced.  It seems to be a problem, or I'm missing something...

When I send a single xAPI trigger to the Scorm Cloud, the LRS shows double/multiple results of that single click "experience". 

If we will have more than one data line displayed in the LRS for each xAPI trigger, the database will become overloaded with duplicates.  Any feedback would be helpful.

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Becca Levan

Hi Brent!

I appreciate you reaching out and sharing your experience! If I understand correctly, you see multiple experience statements.

While not currently a feature in Storyline, we have a feature request logged to disable the default xAPI statements sent to the LRS/LMS. I've linked this discussion to the report we're tracking, and we'll circle back here to share any movement!

Curtis Stanford

Hi Becca, 

The OP mentioned that SL is sending double xAPI statements to the LRS. "Learner experienced..." x2

I'm having the same issue. Also, when trying to say the learner did something with an OBJECT, the xAPI ignores the name of the object and refers to it by the type of object it is (such as an oval). I have to manually adjust these in the xAPI editor. Any fix for this inbound?


Brent Birdwell

I've had the similar issue..
Please let me know how/if it's resolved.

*Thank you,*

*Brent* Birdwell


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Eric Santos

Hi Brent,

Thanks for getting back to us! We haven't had the opportunity to look at your Storyline project file since you first posted here. While the feature request to disable the default xAPI statements sent to the LRS/LMS is not yet in our roadmap, you can share your project file so we can see if a workaround is available. Please open a support case with us so we can look at your setup.

Submit a Support Case

Also, just a quick note that replying via email includes your signature here, so you are welcome to edit the post and remove that information if you wish.

I appreciate your patience!