xliff file imports, but removes all text boxes

Apr 25, 2018

I have a quiz created in English in Storyline 3 with a variety of extra triggers to keep track of the learner's progress. The quiz elements are out-of-the-box multiple choice and multiple select question types in a question bank, with a couple of introductory slides.  I exported an xliff that was translated by our translation service (Smartling) into Spanish and French. When I tried re-importing the xliff file, it imported successfully, but left me with a file in which all the text fields are now blank. The titles of the slides reflect the translated language, but beyond that, none of the translation appears in the file and all the text seems to be removed (both in the slide view and the form view on the question slides). Is this a common issue? What can I do to resolve this so I can get these translations out to my learners?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gina, 

Uh oh! I'm sorry the import of your translated text is ghosting you, but luckily it's not something I've heard a lot of! I do find one other recent user with the same issue, but we've yet to narrow down the cause or replicate the behavior.

I'd love to get some samples of your course into the hands of our team for some more testing. Can you share a copy of your .story file, the exported translation doc, and the one you were importing? You can include those here by clicking the Add Attachment button and I'll take a look! 

You said you're using Storyline 3, so I wanted to check that you're on the latest update too - which is Update 3. Also let me know what version of Word and Windows you're using, just in case. 

Dieter Blancquaert

We encountered the same issue today (in SL2), and I was able to solve it by modifing the XLIFF file.

The <mrk> tags in the <seg-source> tags were added to the <target> tag (as per the XLIFF spec, as far as I was able to find).

When I removed all <mrk mtype...> and </mrk> tags from the XLIFF file (to be sure both in the <source> and <target> tags, the import went fine and all translated text was visible in SL.

Is this something that can be updated in the SL XLIFF import flow, so we do not have to do this removal work in the future?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Brian!

In our bug report, I see that we released a fix for this bug in one of our 2018 updates for Storyline 360. We haven't had others report this behavior since the update, so I'd like to work with you to understand what you're running into. It sounds like the slide names are translated, but the text fields are blank when importing the XLIFF file.

Which version of Storyline are you using? Also, by text fields, do you mean text entry fields or text boxes?

Lastly, are you noticing this happens with every project or just the one you're currently working on?

I appreciate your help in troubleshooting this issue!