Yellow Highlight Box for Accessibility

May 12, 2018

I am working in Storyline 360. I am having an issue with the yellow highlight box for accessibility. I have a button on the base layer of a slide that is triggered to show a layer. The yellow box appears on the base layer correctly to identify the button but it also appears on the layer it is triggered to show even though the button is not visible. The yellow box for the button should only show on the base layer. How do I resolve this? It will not pass 508 compliance as is. Thanks! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sherri,

Did you add in a Skip Navigation link, or you're using the option outlined here?  

Also what screen reader were you using? Or were you just attempting with the tab/yellow accessibility box? I uploaded a quick sample here and was able to continuously tab through the items on the slide and the navigation items. 

Sherri Dosher

Hi Ashley,

I did not add in a Skip Navigation link. We were using JAWS to complete 508 testing.  The problem was not with continuously tabbing through items on the slide and the navigation items. The problem was that the yellow indicator box for accessibility around the buttons on the base layer was showing on the other slide layers even though the button was not. When I checked prevent users from clicking on the base layer in the layer properties it corrected this issue but created another issue of the screen reader's focus being placed on skip navigation as the learner is tabbing through the layer. I submitted a case to Articulate Support yesterday and they responded that they logged it as a possible software bug and are going to look it into it and get back to me with an update. 

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