Yes or No Interactivity

Hey there,

First time user of Articulate Storyline and I'm working on a Yes/No table that would allow Teacher's to guide students through.

Below is a sample of what I'm working with. I'm hoping the teachers can ask the students a series of 'Yes or No' questions and each answer will validate as the student/teacher selects the correct answer (possibly through a colour change).

I've tried hotspots, but that will reveal 1 answer/layer and it would depend on how the teacher selects the question. I'd like it to be a simple as possible for them. I.e. teacher selects one of any and get the answer, eventually completing the full table.

I've read that it's not possible to make tables in Articulate, so I've mocked it up in InDesign. I'm hoping to find a workaround.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Ian!

Welcome to Heroes!

One thing you could do is have a black shape inside of each table section and have the selected state reveal the Yes/No, so when the teacher clicks it, it will show the answer.

Attached is a file with one shape added in the upper left table section.

Not sure if this is what you are after, but i am sure others in the community will jump in with ideas as well!

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Ian and welcome to Heroes!

You're correct that tables aren't supported in Storyline - so you'll need to include that as an image or such. In regards to how the teacher/user will select something - and then show the answer, I'm not sure I understand your design here? You mentioned using hotspots - so I did want to share how you can simulate multiple correct hotspotsand there are other community threads where users set up more than one question on a slide using an example such as the one here.