Youtube webobject sizing issues in Firefox but not in Chrome

Anyone having issues when you inset a youtube video using the webobject feature that when you play it in firefox the video gets too big, but when you play it in chrome its fine....anyone know a work around or a quick fix?

Below is my published fine in Chrome but not in Firefox.

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Ben Leong

HI Ashley

Thanks for the quick reply, I have attached a few screenshots, the first two are from firefox and the second is Chrome.  I tried all the usual steps clearing/refreshing browser etc...

On firefox I'm on version 35.0.1 and on Chrome 40.0.2214.93 (64-bit)




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ben,

I'm on the same versions of Firefox and Chrome, but can't replicate this issue - I see it exactly the same in each. Here's the side by side comparison for how it appears on my system: 

 Firefox is on the left. Are you able to look at other browser settings such as if it's zoomed in or similar?