Zero Hour and Can't Solve... My Recorded Screens Have a Double Edge

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help... my deadline is COB today! For some reason, SL is doubling the edges of my screen recordings.

Just to be clear, these are not imported images laid over the recording, this is the actual recorded screen and they look fine in SL, but when I publish, they do this. Ugh!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Donald - I took a look at Nancy's case and this was actually identified as an issue and shared with our QA Team. I do not have an update to provide, but we do try to better track customer impact. I will add this thread to the report so that we are aware of users affected and can update when applicable.

Nancy  Madans

Hey Donald,

It was a while ago at this point, so I don't remember for certain, but as a work around, I think I ended up taking images of the screens and then using them as my background... that way I could increase the size of the image so that it went beyond the sides of the slide. Make sense?