Sep 24, 2013

Hi all,

I found a forum on the zoom but when I went out I couldn't find it again, just searched for zoom. Anyway, I saw something interesting with controlling the zoom by using layers but when I when I add a layer the zoom tool is greyed out. I am a little confused.

Your assistance much appreciated.



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Lawrie Stephenson

Thanks Leslie,

I wanted to be able to zoom in and out or zoom in and then maybe zoom to something else. I liked what prezi did with this style but saw many limitations because I was more interested in blending into articulate.

So in saying all that. I accomplished it by copying the slides with starting normal in this case an apple, click on the apple and the next slide loads with the zoom, slight pause and zooms out, clicking on the apple again, loads the next slide where the apple zooms back and moves onto the next slide normal apple slide. Happy with how it works. Obviously, very interested if you have a simpler way of doing it.

thanks again for your assistance.



Louise Ward

I'm interested if there is another answer to this one, as I am developing a course where the content was originally in Prezi and I have created each scene the same way you have. 

However, I have read on the forum elsewhere that the 'zoom' region covers the entire slide and doesn't take into account 'layers', alternatively, if you have a zoom on the base layer and you don't want the zoom region to apply to your layer, this is not possible, so we might be doing the only thing we can do.

Some supporting posts FYI:

"there is no way to stop the zoom region zooming the layer, the zoom region is zooming the slide and not a specific layer."


"You are right, the zoom region is only available on the base layer"


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