"Zoom-level" of embedded Google Form

Jun 14, 2021

Hi All,

Our team has been experimenting with embedded Google Forms through the web object feature in Storyline. One thing we can't figure out is why the embedded forms are sometimes zoomed out in the frame (and thereby very small), while at other times the forms are zoomed in (and scrollbars appear). Please see the attached image for a visual of what I mean.

FYI -- we haven't touched any of the iframe code in the exported HTML files.

Thank you for any ideas you have!

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ed!

Great question! Thanks for sharing a screenshot. You might see a difference in the size of the embedded object if you are resizing the browser window. In the Player, have you chosen to Scale player to fill browser window or Lock player at optimal size?

Here's a great resource all about how to configure the player to determine how a course appears after publishing: Storyline 360: Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size

Rebecca Ronald

Hi, sorry for reopening such an old post.
I have an interactive widget in an iframe I'd like to open at a greater zoom and can't work out how - have tried &z=3 and &zoom=3 but these don't work. I'd rather not mess with the player settings as these are already finely tuned to work nicely with our LMS. Any other ideas?

Here's the embed code:
<iframe style="width:498;height:398" frameborder="0" src="https://embed.molview.org/v1/?mode=balls&cid=7840&bg=white"></iframe>

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

MolView don't support any start zoom value

available are

Query parameters:
- smiles = resolve SMILES string
- cid = load CID
- pdbid = load PDBID
- codid = load CIF from COD
- mode = balls || stick || vdw || wireframe || line
- chainType = ribbon || cylinders || btube || ctrace || bonds (alias of chainBonds=true)
- chainBonds = true || false
- chainColor = ss || spectrum || chain || residue || polarity || bfactor
- bg = black || gray || white

you could contact the author of MolView and ask him to add a zoom parameter


by the way: your syntax of the <iframe> tag is wrong

width/height need units -> style="width: 498px; height: 398px"