Zoom on another picture, amazing !


Here is a new creepy behavior we managed to get with our markers: the picture zoomed is not the same as the one displayed in the marker.


Cut and pasted the marker and the bug disappeared.

There is no question here, just a report of a very strange behavior (the right picture is the zoomed one and the small picture you see is not the one which is in the marker).   

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bérengère,

Thanks for the file. I gave it a quick test and I'm seeing the same, that the image isn't displaying the same from the editing view, or once previewed and clicking on the zoom. What's interesting is if I display zoom on one image, the other marker works fine. 

You mentioned cut and pasting allowed this to work before and I don't see that the workaround is consistent. Could you tell me more about how you initially add these images in and resize them? Yours also appeared larger inside the marker than when I tried to recreate it using an export of your images. 

I also couldn't recreate the same behavior with new markers and images, so knowing a bit more about your setup will help! Even if you can take a  Peek of the steps you go through - that'd be really helpful!

Bérengère LITTY


Thanks for your help.

It's a project coming from SL1 so maybe the markers got strange behaviors because of that.
I also tried the copy-paste trick that worked the first time but it didn't work this time. I tried copy-pasting markers that work but I still get this behavior. Now, I'll try remake the markers from scratch but it's gonna take some time.

To put the pictures in the markers, I used the markers formatting tool and imported the picture in the marker from my local harddrive. I resized them once they were in the marker. I don't see the point of making you a peek video as it is the standard procedure.

What happens if you try to replace the pictures in the marker by a pictures of your choice ?

We used to love using markers but their erratic behaviors and the lack of formatting options led us to find ways to avoid them.

Good luck finding the problem and fixing it,

Have a nice day,

Bérengère LITTY