Zoom Picture Funktion: Reducing size of magnifier symbol/icon

Hello all,

please see attached image.

I created content with 1500 x 1000 story size. I have many images with the "zoom pictures"-funtion. The magnifier symbol on each image was small and fine.

After changing story size to 720 x 540 all symbols are way to big. Because the magnifier symbols cover almost all of the image.

Is there a way to decrease size of the symbols manually in the published file? Or any other way?


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Thorsten. It looks like because the images are so tiny on the slide, that when you reduce the slide size and the images scale down further, the zoom icon takes up more room and covers more of the images.

There isn't a way to change the size of the zoom icon within Storyline 360. If anyone in the community has modified the icon in the published output, feel free to share your tips here!