Pinch/Zoom issues in iframe for Android users

Apr 29, 2021

Hello - We have published a Storyline 360 file and are displaying via iframe on a webpage. When Android device users try to use pinch to zoom within the iframe, the content resets and moves to one side of the screen. Attached is a screenshot after I attempt to zoom in and then out. result after zoom in and zoom out

  • We do not have this problem when testing the Storyline files on a regular web page without an iframe. It only occurs when we place into the iframe. 
  • For Android, we've had varying results based on the device age and browser.  Chrome and Firefox browser have this issue.  When testing Samsung phones, using Samsung internet helps reduce the issue and in some instances the issue doesn't occur at all. 
  • iPhones do not seem to have this issue, you can eventually break the experience if you try, but normal user zoom works fine.

Has anyone else had this same issue? Any feedback, or ideas on how to resolve would be greatly appreciated. 


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