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Meryem M

Jeff, I'm not sure I understand your problem. To answer what I think your question is, yes, the zoom region can be easily resized and re-positioned wherever you want it to be on the slide. Simply grab the corners to resize, or click and drag to re-position it.

Does that answer what are your trying to accomplish?

Jeff O'Bryant


Thanks for the response but that's a little different info than I'm looking for. After selecting and sizing the zoomed region, when previewing the slide the region expands to take up the entire area of the slide before returning to normal size. What I'd like to see is when the zoom effect starts, it stay within the boundries of the original picture. For example, in the picture below I'd like for the green cube representing the area to be zoomed to stay within the black borders of the inserted picture and then set the timeline to bring the whole picture back into frame.

Brett Rockwood

The built in zoom function can't do what you are decribing (if I understand you correctly). You could possibly simulate a zoom by having a properly sized zoomed in image appear using the "Grow" Entrance Animation at the appropriate time on the timeline. It's probably not going to enter from exactly where you want but you can create a passable illusion by highlighting the zoomed out area just before you have the Grow entrance on your enlarged image. This will play a visual trick on the eye that might make it appear more like it zooming from that area.