Zoom Region Dissapearing

Aug 26, 2014

Hello Storyliners! In my course I am using two zoom regions to create a panning effect. However, after developing the rest of the course I went back to make some modification to the slide with the zoom regions and they are GONE!..

The zoom regions are indeed still on the timeline, they play when I preview, but they do not show up on the screen when I click on them in the timeline so that I can no longer adjust them. Where did my zoom regions go?!

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Amy L.


I have the opposite problem, which has happened several times now. I have two zoom regions on a slide, but after adjusting the end of the timeline, the first zoom is no longer visible on the timeline but is visible on the slide. It almost works, but is starting at the wrong time. But I can't adjust it because it's not on the timeline anymore.

Any fix for that? I usually have to delete them all and start over. :-(

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