Zoom Region is clear in preview mode & HTML, blurry when published

I've created a module and have included a zoom region in a few areas throughout.  When I preview the module, the text that appears in the zoomed-in area is crystal clear, however after the module is published (HTML5 output), the text is for the most part, unreadable.  If I view the module as an HTML file, the image is much more clear.

Is there a way to publish in HTML5 so that the final output is as clear as the previewed file, or HTML version?

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Diana Myers

Hi Ashlie - right now there a few bugs in SL360 that prevent me from using it, so I'm developing in SL2, but I'v tested SL360 by creating a small sample course, and the images inside zoom regions are also blurry there too. 

I've attached four images below - let me know if you need anything more from me or want me to post/discuss in another spot.  Thanks so much for all your help - you are wonderful!

  1. This is slide view @ 100% inside Storyline 2:Slide View at 100%
  2. The slide when previewed in SL2.  (Text is crisp, image looks good)
    SL2 Preview Mode
  3. The slide published to Web with HTML5 checked and viewed in full-size browser window.  (Text is blurry, image somewhat fuzzy, Some text inside zoom region near bottom is cutoff.)SL2 Published for Web (HTML5)
  4. The slide published to Web with HTML5 checked and viewed in reduced-size browser window. (Text is blurry, image somewhat fuzzy, Some text inside zoom region at top is cutoff.)SL2 Published to Web with HTML5 Resized Window
Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Diana for the images. It seems to match what we've seen in Storyline 2 based on how images are vectored in the HTML5 output (detailed here)

With Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 there have been a lot of improvements to how the HTML5 output is rendered and the way images are handled. I'd still recommend following along with the best practices outlined here. If you're able to take a copy of the .story file I'd love to take a look at that to do some testing and offer any other advice or ideas. You can upload it here using the Add Attachment button. 

Diana Myers

Hi Ashlie,

  1. I selected both "optimal size" browser/player settings in SL2, but it didn't seem to make a difference (image below).  SL2 Zoom in LB Publ to Web with Optimal Size
  2. I also upgraded the file to SL360 and published for the web with HTML5 and Flash Fallback with the Player locked at optimal size.  It made a little difference (I image looks better but the text isn't as crisp as what I see in Preview).  Sadly there are a couple of other bugs with project size and text spacing that prevents me from using 360 for these courses.
    SL360 Zoom in LB Publ to HTML5 wFlashFallback Player At Optimal Size

I pulled together all of the scenes where I use Zoom regions in a simlar fashion.  I'm happy to share the file, but is there a more secure way to share it than adding it here?