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Jan 19, 2016


I am having a very bizarre issue with Storyline and zoom regions.  It took me awhile just to figure out what was going on.  I've attached the source file.  Take a look at the slide in scene 1 and the zoom region.  you will see that it's aligned around the text.  Next, preview the slide.  you'll see that the picture displaces itself before the zoom happens and the zoom looks like it isn't properly centered over the text.

After redoing the zoom and the picture multiple times, I believe I've discovered the issue.  It has to do with the blank slide in scene 2.  My slide in scene 1 has no player properties enabled it.  My slide in scene 2 currently has the "Prev" and "Next" button enabled.  I think this is the issue as it resizes the player.    I've only been able to find two fixes to this issue:

  1. Remove the Prev and Next buttons off of the slide in scene 2
  2. Add a seekbar to the player (Unfortunately, this isn't an option because I want the timeline to pause and require a user interaction to resume.  With the seekbar enabled, the user can just click the play button.

Can someone take a look at this and figure out how to fix this without adjusting the player properties?  I've done some slides with the seekbar enabled (for testing purposes), and I've done some without.  At this time, I can't fix my entire project. Half of the slides were created with player properties, and the other half wasn't.  Half of my project looks wrong regardless of which option I go with.  Any help with this would be appreciated!

EDIT:  It turns out that only 1 group of zoom regions are consistently bugged: the group that was created before a prev/next button was added to the player.  The zoom regions created after the addition of the prev/next button do not seem to be affected regardless of the player options.  I would still like to know if there's a workaround.  While I can create my own prev/next buttons, I would like the option to use the player buttons if possible.

Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Preston!

The number of pixels added to the overall size of your course depends on the elements you include in the player. See this article for details. If you created your content prior to the elements of your player, then this is probably the error.

Have you imported the project into a new file with the player settings that you want to see if this alleviates your issue?

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