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Apr 24, 2017

Hi All

I have created slides, which feature separate zoom regions of around 3 seconds each that relate to text boxes on the slide i.e User reads the text then the zoom region zooms into a specific area related to that text.  Last week when previewing these slides they were all working ok

Today when I have previewed the slides again (on the same PC) the zoom region feature is now going very slow to both zoom in and then back out.  For example a 3 second zoom region is now taking around 8 seconds and the timeline continues hence everything falls behind and is out of sync.

Any ideas on this as I have tried it on 2 PC's now?




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IT System Manager

Hi Leslie

Like you, mine works as expected when I play it from the timeline at the bottom of the screen

Can I ask you try this again by using the preview button at the top to preview the slide?  This is when the zoom region function slows down.

I have attached a peek video for you.  When I originally set these up I always used the preview button to view the slide and didn't have any issues up until the beginning of this week???


IT System Manager

Hi Leslie

I have followed the procedures for repair and this hasn't fixed the issue when previewing the slide or project?

I have published the project and why the zoom region function seems to work correctly my videos aren't appearing?  Any ideas on this issue as well?  I have attached a peek video for you.

I published the project for web as HTML 5 with flash fall back.


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