15 languages in one SCORM package . . . YIKES!

My company has just translated a rather large course into 15 different languages for a client using Articulate Presenter. Now the client needs us to combine all 15 languages into a single SCORM package that will allow the learner to select which language they want to use. Once the learner selects the language they will complete that SCORM package and will not access any other language. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to do this? Thank you!

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Dr. Nadia Siddiqui

I would suggest create a single dashboard slide which has links to various
language courses. Another option is that you place the scene with different
languages but with different players custom set for each slide to have it
work. Ideally separate is easier and preferred but there is a way about it.
Let me know how it goes.:)

Kind regards
Dr Nadia

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi David,

I'm more in favor of a MultiSCO approach, i.e. take all the published content and create a single (huge) SCORM object. That way you won't have to tinker with your already developed content.

I have successfully made multiSCOs out of Storyline sources (2), so I would suspect it should work for Presenter output as well. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss further.

Hope this helps,

Bob S


Just curious.....  A client that has a need for 15 languages must surely have a fairly well developed deployment strategy and platform.   So is their LMS also multi language and is all of their content executed in this all-in-one way?

My experience with multi-nationals runs counter to that approach as invariably there will be additional types of content needed at some point  (eg. stand-alone talking head videos, job aids, etc ) that do NOT conform to the all-in-one model and will require separate versions by country/language.

Imagine a simple example where they have a course with some sort of Reference Guide and also a Tip Sheet as related downloadable resources on the LMS. Would they really make all of their learners scroll through 30 entries to find the two documents that pertain to them?