3 minute countdown clock on a single slide

Sep 19, 2019

Help! I would like to have a clock on one slide that counts down from 3 minutes. Just the numbers, minutes and seconds, counting down. It seems like it should be a simple thing but I cannot seem to figure out how to make that work. I should mention that I'm very new to Articulate - as a matter of fact, this is my first course! This community has been SO helpful in helping me learn new things so of course, I've searched here for ideas. I have tried some what I've seen posted and I just cannot seem to get anything to work. Some seem super complicated so I'm sure it's my lack of knowledge that's the biggest roadblock. I know nothing about Java so I couldn't do much with those options either (the Java ideas came when I got truly desperate and Googled). I appreciate any suggestions you might have. Not only will you help me progress in my project, but you'll also save me from a little insanity and a lot of swearing!! Thank you! 

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If you are trying to avoid Javascript....
Check this out and if it will work for you, the .story file is linked in the course resources.

Also, while it would seem like a simple thing, this actually takes some complexity to achieve.

  1. I assumed you wanted this to look like a digital clock so that means you have to account for a leading 0 for single digit numbers. This means you need 4 text boxes, 3 of which will update as various variables update.
  2. You need 4 variables: one for minutes, 1 for the 1st seconds digit, one for the 2nd seconds digit, and one for the overall elapsed time. (I added a text box to display this last variable so you can see it updating)
  3. You need an off-screen motion path animation with a 1 second duration that repeats itself while the total countdown is above 0.  I left mine on-screen so you can see the mechanics.
  4. You need a bunch of conditional triggers that adjust the variables as other variables adjust. (see the file)
  5. You need some action that starts the count. I added a button to do this. 

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.



Laurie Mascaro

Thank you both so much for your help! 


I was able to add your file to my course and it works perfectly. I think I understand all of the steps you took to build it, but you're right - it's much more complex than I thought. I would have never worked all that out on my own! I appreciate it. 

Hope you both have a great day! 

Cheryl Kirk

Here's a very simple one using layers (and running only seconds which you can adjust to minutes.)

Basically you click the button, you see the second layer...it counts down with dots, but you could use numbers. The dots show up at certain times within the timeline. Then once the timeline is up on that layer it shows the next layer, all on a single slide.

Not as fancy as Owen's. More brute force. There are lots of count down examples in PowerPoint and this was taken from one of those examples. 

It doesn't give you the ability to pick the time since it's 'hard coded' in the timeline of the layers. 

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