3C model

I read that Tom emphasized 3c (challenge, choice, and consequences), which i totally agree. 

What does the consequences refer to? It is a bit abstract compared to the first two terms. 

I was having a hard time explaining it to people who are totally new to e-learning. What is the best way of describing the term 'consequences' to make them understand and create more meaningful quizzes?

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David Anderson

Hi Sami - Here's a post that talks about Tom's 3C model: http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/build-branched-e-learning-scenarios-in-three-simple-steps/

"Consequence" refers to the feedback provided to the learner. The choices learners make in the scenario have consequences--usually provided as feedback.

I used Tom's 3C model in the header graphic in this tutorial: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/courses/rapid-situational-interactive-presenter.aspx

Sammy Hwang

You guys rock.  Thank you so much. It has been only two days. But I already start to feel a sense of belonging in this online community.

I need a scenario-based branch for the course that I am developing about domestic violence. Tom and David! You guys gave me a lot of insights. I will continue to learn from you. Any advice are welcome for the topic of domestic violence.