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Nov 08, 2013

I thought it might be nice to share a custom menu I created in StoryLine. I wanted a menu that was available with a button click and allowed the user to navigate around a multi-scene course. I also wanted there to be a visual change to the menu items as the user completed a given scene. The challenge to this was that the menu exists on the Master for the course and it didn't function properly if you published to view in html5 (known issue). I figured out a way to get it to work and I've made the source file available to you. The trick was not adjusting variables on the main slide timelines, but rather attaching the triggers to the Next and Back buttons.

This link is the published version. No content, just the menu. Only Sections 1, 2, and 3 are functioning, but the code is in place to add the additional Sections.

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Jacob  Selin


I took this menu and created my own. Now i got a question. 

I got an arrow who goes to previous page and on who goes to the next. 
They are put on the master slide and works very well as long as i only use one scene. 

What i want is that: 

1) when the user are on the first slide of a scene the PREV button works as "go to last slide inprevious scene" 

2) when the user are on the last slide of a scen the button works as "go to first slide in next scen" 

3) When the user are in the middle of a scen the buttons works as " go to prev/next slide" 

Jacob  Selin

You need some variables.
Easiest is to set all navigation- object to a non clickable state and then
use a variable to change that when a certain amount of slides are visited.

For example. You got two chapters.
The link to chap 1 is clickable from the beginning. Chap 2 is not. When you
enter the last slide on chap 1 you have a trigger saying
On enterSlide change the state of "link to chap 2 to clickable.

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