A different example not shown in recent Screencast & Software Sims webinar

I watched this course again earlier this week and enjoyed the new content that David Anderson had added. David, you asked us to share ideas we are using which were not shown during the training. So here is a link to our Rise course prototype where we have inserted 2 screencast videos and "Try Mode" simulations as Storyline blocks as the first two lessons after the Introduction.


In the 'recording a meeting' lesson, I interleaved slides that I created in Storyline with a title for the specific tasks in the next part of the "Try Mode" demo.

Interesting comparison, my colleague who created the 'sharing PowerPoint slides' lesson did not add those task title slides (altho he will be adding them now). His Try Mode block shows a video play button at the beginning, which does not appear in my lesson. Apparently inserting the title slide before the Try Mode begins can eliminate that play button.

Besides that, I think breaking up the Try Mode steps and clearly placing a title before each task helps to organize the content for the learners. Otherwise they are just clicking where the prompt shows them to click without necessarily thinking about what task they are trying to complete.

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David Anderson

I really like the inserted title screens, Susan. That question comes up often in the sessions. After seeing your example, I think I'll include some more examples in my next session.

I didn't notice a video play button in your colleague's Sharing PowerPoint Slides lesson. Maybe he updated the published Try Mode example?

The play button appears by default when a project's first slide has audio or video. We have some more info on how autoplay and media are handled on the first slides here: https://articulate.com/support/article/Storyline-and-Studio-Videos-Don-t-Autoplay-When-Slides-Advance-Automatically

Your approach to include a title slide or content-only slide before the media slides is a valid solution. We recently added the Cover Photo feature to help users customize start slides w/ media.

Thanks again for joining last week's session. I appreciate all the great questions you ask in the webinars.