A Question Bank with Multiple Category Results

Jul 11, 2022

I need to build a self assessment quiz. It is 70 questions from 7 categories. The questions do not have right or wrong answers. Only a score of either 1,2,3, or 4 depending on which radial button gets selected. 

All 70 questions need to be randomized in one quiz. However, the results need to show how well the user assessed themselves in each of the 7 categories. 

The results dont need to show the exact score they got for each category. But the results need to show the user their category strengths from strongest to weakest (this is obviously based on how the user scored in the categorical self assessment questions.)

Any ideas?


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Bianca Woods

Hi Rizwan,

That's a cool approach for helping someone find their areas of strengths and weaknesses!

If you want to map individual questions to a category, one option to explore could be creating a number variable for each category to keep track of the score for each one.

Once that's done, go to each assessment question and add an Adjust Variable trigger to any response that should increase a category's score. For instance, in the screenshot I've included, selecting the correct answer adds one point to my variable "Category1".

At the end of the self-assessment, create a single screen that displays their points in each category simply by adding variable references to your slide.