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I have to create a course in two languages: English and Chinese but I have my materials in English language, so I am asking if I can make the training in two languages or at least, do the slides in English and have an automatic captions (translations)or computerized voice which is in Chinese language, is that something possible in Articulate (storyline 360)?


Thank you and I am looking forward your answer!


BR, Maryam



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Maryam,

There are different methods for providing a course in multiple languages.

You could start the course with a slide that lets the user choose their language. Then branch to the scene with the selected language.

Or you could adjust the value of a variable based on which language is selected. Then use that value to control which language the user sees/hears on each slide.

  • For example, each text box might have an English state and a Chinese state. And you'd need a trigger to change the state of each text box with a condition based on the variable's value. 
  • Another example: you could put the English audio on one layer, and the Chinese audio on another layer. Then use triggers to show the appropriate layer based on the variable's value.

You can find more info about conditions and variables in the User Guide: 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Maryam,

You can definitely create the same course in multiple languages. However, it's not automatic. Here's an article that talks about your options: How to Create One Storyline Course with Multiple Languages. Another option would be to duplicate your course and translate it. Then you'd have one Chinese course and one English course.

This article series on localization might also be helpful to you: All About E-Learning Localization

Let me know if you have any questions. :)