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Richard Watson


I really liked this very creative accordion.

Just a side note for anyone just starting out with Storyline: If you don't have Frutiger LT Std fonts installed, Storyline will pop up a "Missing Fonts" error message when you open Jennifer's file.

What can you do?

Option 1: Continue and not replace the fonts. This may or may not change the appearance of the text but it most likely won't look exactly like the designer intended due to spacing issues or missing characters.

Option 2: Continue and replace the fonts with something you do have on your computer.

From Slide View, go to the Home tab on the Storyline ribbon, click the drop-down arrow beside Find/Replace, and choose to Replace Fonts. You can use the Replace drop-down list to select the font your want to replace.  I changed these over to Articulate fonts and it still looks nice.

Option 3: Make a note of the names of the missing fonts and exit out of Storyline. Find and download the font(s) (some might be free; some might come at a cost) and unzip to open it. Double-click on the font file and select Install. Open Storyline again and the error message should disappear. If not, make a note of the font referenced and repeat the process.

Keep up the creative work Jennifer! Storyline is a blast to learn and design with!