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Holly Doggett

Hi Brad, I'm going through my first course and making it 508-compliant right now. Here are a couple of resources I am using:

I'm using Fiona's PDF, but she's also got a video:


Even though this next link to a presentation is based on Lectora, the presenter is extremely familiar with Section 508 standards and used some cool tricks to make the course more interesting (since you're pretty restricted from using most bells and whistles):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNUdEpaEuPg [updated]

Articulate has information on why it considers the product accessible. You have to be careful with what your users will employ to take your courses:


Basically, you can get pretty creative if you have a good handle on what accessibility is and a strong knowledge of what tools and features are available in Storyline and TEST TEST TEST.

Hope that helps!