Add Custom Variable to %Results.ScorePoints%??

Oct 02, 2019

%Results.ScorePoints% total needs to include the value for my custom variable.
How to do this?? Please help, thanks!!

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Chester Morales

Hi JH, 

There are a number of ways to accomplish this but one thing you can try is by adding a third variable and 2 triggers.

  • First, you need to create a new variable that will hold the total of both custom and scorepoints. (In my attached example, I named it 'myNewScore')
  • Then, add a trigger to add your custom variable to this new variable.
  • Finally, add a trigger to add your scorepoints to this new variable.

You can then modify your Results slide to show the new variable instead of the original score points.

Now, passing this to the LMS is another story. I found this thread which might be useful.

I'm attaching a sample. Hope this helps.


Thanks a mill. for your reply, this was considered however apologies if I wasn't more specific-- we do understand that the two variables can be added to make a third, however we specifically need our custom value to be added *into (becoming part of) the "Results.Scorepoints" total, to pass cleanly & simply to our LMS. (We cannot implement any JavaScript for this). Looks like Dylan's method from the thread you sent will work; I spent all day yesterday figuring out the best way to implement, a very clunky manual workaround that drains considerable dev time, but it looks like there's no other way. Thanks so much again for the link & helpful sample! Really appreciate your time and thoughtfulness on this! Cheers! : )

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