Passing Custom Scores/Variables to Results Slide

Oct 02, 2019

Hi All,
How to do this?
I have a custom variable that I'd like to add to the %Results.ScorePoints% variable for the Results Slide score. But it appears that Results Variables are only addressable by the built-in Correct/Incorrect Points settings. Is this true?

(Or, is it possible to have multiple questions on one Slide, each question worth X points?)

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Thanks gents, ended up rigging up a scoring/bonus system using Owen's suggestion above, a series of T/F questions that auto-answer based on variable greater thans/less thans, clunky but it works. However, is there any way to truly "hide" the tallying questions? Right now I have them masked behind a white box & "loading" icon as they run.
Thanks so much again for your time!

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